Health & Safety

Working at Height Regulations

Our goal at WrayClean Window cleaning is the elimination of concerns about the HSE’s Working at Height Regulations involving the use of window cleaner’s ladders for both commercial and residential clients. Our Reach and Wash window cleaning system can be safely operated by a single window cleaner from ground level.

We believe that this is the safest window cleaning method to reach and wash exterior high windows.

Ladders can be dangerous and it is wise to avoid using them on site if at all possible. Who is liable if your window cleaner falls off his ladder and injures himself while on your property? Him, you or someone else?

Do you have sufficient safety measures to ensure that the window cleaner can safely attach his harness – if indeed he wears one?

Are you fully aware of the latest Health & Safety Working at Height Regulations on the use of ladders?

Is your window cleaner fully insured should his ladder slip and cause injury?

Due to current Health & Safety Working at Height legislation it is the owner of the premises where work is being undertaken who is responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at their premises conforms to all Health & Safety Working at Height regulations.

According to HSE Proposals for Work at Height Regulations, the consultative document issued by the Health & Safety Commissions states: Avoid work at height so far as reasonably practicable. If it is not necessary to work at a height then don’t. For example, it may be possible to assemble a structure on the ground then lift it into place using the appropriate lifting equipment or pole.

Risk and method assessments protect your workers and your business, as well as complying with Health and Safety regulations.

The Environment

Water-fed window cleaning poles are better for the environment – because there are no chemicals involved, your plants pets and children are safe from any contamination.

Garden Care

No more deep ladder holes in your lawn and flower beds caused by the bottom of window cleaner’s ladders.